Attention: Back Pain Sufferers!

Is back pain keeping you from doing the things you love? Do you miss gardening, golfing, shopping, or just playing with your kids or grandkids?

The Bio-Back is a revolutionary breakthrough in back pain relief that can change the way you experience each day. Think about it – no more sleepless nights or waking up to throbbing or persistent back pain in the mornings. No more exhaustion from back strain at the end of your workday.

I have back pain.


Attention: Healthcare Professionals!

The Bio-Back is an innovation in back brace design. What makes it so innovative? Bio-Back is a low-profile brace, which combines Bilateral Opposing Forces with a Lumbar Dome to more effectively restore function and relieve low back pain.

The Bio-Back is a perfect solution for your LBP patients when restoring function and relieving pain are your primary treatment goals.

I’m a Healthcare Professional.