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Importance of a Strong Core

A strong core is an incredibly important part of the body's natural "bracing function" - the combination of abdominal and lumbar muscles working together to support the weight of the upper body, as well as supporting proper, safe and ergonomic movements of the body when bending, twisting, lifting and performing most everyday activities. Check out this video from Verywell about 10 Amazing Plank exercises for a killer core! And if your back pain is preventing you from doing exercises to strengthen your core, the BioBack can help prevent back pain and support your back while you are doing those core strengthening exercises.

Ways to prevent low back pain from golf

What's the worst round of golf? For me it was the one where I had to stop playing because of lower back pain. Here are some simple steps to prevent back pain from cutting your round short: #1 Warm up first. Especially early in the morning hours. Going directly from car to cart and on to first tee is a sure way to a sore back and a higher score. Performing simple stretches along with some light easy swings is a great way to get your muscles and joints ready for the round. #2 Practice swinging before playing. A few minutes on the driving range will do more than improve your game. It eases your body’s transition into an activity that generates torque and extension. Smooth, balanced and rh


Just do it? Or Just Do It, But Do It Well. As I connected with a new friend, Amy, on LinkedIn I was impressed with how succinctly she expressed a belief that is at the core of everything we do here at Pro Supports Plus and with our BioBack Pain Relief Brace. Amy’s Quote: “Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” helped them increase their profit by 18 percent in just ten years. Despite the massive profit gain, I still don’t think they got their slogan right. Why “Just Do It” when you can do it right?” Amy Shoaf ( We’ve been helping back pain sufferers find relief and support for over 10 years. When we first started providing BioBack, we were fortunate to st




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