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Prayers for a Better World

How wonderful could this world of ours be? If the best of humanity’s love during the Christmas Season Reminded each and every person that it’s we…not just me If you truly consider, it just stands to reason The world will surely be a better place when we remember Through God we’re all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, Let’s pray that kindness, love and giving become the world’s new tender Wishing you many blessings, much joy and all of God's peace through the Holiday's and the new year. Rick

Veterans and Back Pain

Following duty in the Armed Forces, many veterans have found that their backs have suffered a great deal. Tasks such as carrying heavy packs and weapons not to mention the everyday wear and tear from military duty have placed a great deal of stress on veteran’s backs. So much so, that chronic back pain is a common complaint of many Veterans. MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN AND INJURY Several sources of data point to high rates of musculoskeletal pain in veterans and serving military personnel. The best-conducted surveys of veterans’ overall health investigated the experiences of Gulf War veterans. Kang et al surveyed 11,000 American Gulf War veterans; the most commonly self-rated ‘severe’ healthcare




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