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Preventing Back Pain

Having spent many years marketing the BioBack to doctors while introducing the BioBack into the market; the requirement for supporting clinical studies and medical evidence was beaten into my brain. As such, while it has been easy to talk about the efficacy of the BioBack for pain relief, I’ve been somewhat hesitant to talk about the experiences BioBack wearers have shared with regards to preventing their low back pain. However, I’ve come to realize that by not doing so, I’m doing a serious injustice to the many back pain sufferers out that are looking for answers. Back pain sufferers who want to focus on back pain prevention, which the BioBack can provide, allowing them to live more active

Chronic Back Pain versus Light Muscle Strain/Sprain

One very common question is “what’s the difference between the BioBack and a retail brace, like what I can purchase at my local drug store for $20-$30?”. This seemingly simple question provides a great opportunity to summarize some of the key differences between the BioBack (a medical grade therapeutic brace) and the traditional retail braces. Differences which include: Form versus Function Traditional retail braces use a ‘wrap” design (form) that’s been around for centuries. Something like the Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro offers a nice “hug” to provide a very-light degree of support and generate some heat. However, they generally lack the required form to qualify and function as effectively




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