Drug Free Back Pain Relief

When considering pain relief options, it important to evaluate drug-free options.  But not all of those options are created equal.  Many pain relief options "mask" the pain.  As an example, some treatment options like TENS or Nerve Root Ablation procedures focus on deadening a nerves ability to sense pain.  These treatment options may provide temporary relief, but they either alter or suppress the normal functioning of the anatomy.

In addition to a drug-free treatment, consider choosing a treatment option that helps restore or enhance the body's normal function.  For example, the reason the BioBack is effective at relieving back pain is because it complements the natural function of the core muscles. 


BioBack compensates for and supports weakened or injured abdominal muslces to help:

  • relieve back pain.

  • reduce the load on and provide support to low back muscles.

  • improve posture.

  • enhance mobility.

  • reduce the need for prescriptive pain medications

  • reduce fatigue.

  • improve quality of life for a back pain sufferer.

Finally, by reducing muscle strain and supporting the lumbar spine, BioBack can relieve tension placed on other pain sensitive structures like discs, joints and nerves to help with conditions like herniated discs, spinal stenosis and sciatica.




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